Why is it invite only?
We are launching LOQULES as invite only so that the experiences offered are for people that genuinely want to have unique experiences with our Loqule experts.

Can I invite people?
Not yet, but you can tell your friends to register their interest at LOQULES.com to recieve an invite as we increase numbers. Invites are on a first come first serve basis so be quick!

Can I request an experience?
YES! If there is something that you would like to see or do on LOQULES head to LOQULES.com/contact to let us know. LOQULES is all about creating great experiences.

How do I edit my profile?
This feature is being added. Stay tuned.

Do I need Facebook to sign up?
Yes, this is so that we can verify that you're a real person.

What's the deal with the ratings?
The ratings are two sided so that we can build a community that adds a layer of quality when choosing to book or accept an experience, depending which side of the fence you're sitting.


How do I book an experience?
Find the experience you're interested in by clicking on EXPLORE and then request booking.

When am I charged for the booking?
Your card is charged as soon as the Loqule accepts your experience request.

Why do I need to enter my credit card details before the booking is confirmed?
We check your card before the booking takes place to make sure it's not fraudulent.

Why do I need to request a booking?
You request the booking first so that the Loqule can check your request and have a look at your profile.

Can I message the LOQULE with questions before making the booking?
Yes, just hit the ‘Contact LOQULE' button on their experience page to ask any questions before requesting your booking.

How long will it take for the LOQULE to respond?
Where possible we aim that all requests will be answered within a 24 hour period.

How will I know if the booking has been accepted?
Once accepted you will be notified by email. Your email will include a message from the LOQULE along with your complete experience itinerary and LOQULE details and contact information.

How will I know if the booking is declined?
You will get an email letting you know that the booking is being declined.

When will I get all the itinerary details for my experience?
Once your booking is confirmed, you will be sent the itinerary for your experience as well as a contact number for the LOQULE.

How do I communicate with the LOQULE?
You'll be able to message them through the platform or on the number provided.

Can I book an experience on behalf of somebody else?
You can message the LOQULE and ask them if that is cool, if they have no issue with it then it's fine.

What if the LOQULE doesn't show up?
If a LOQULE does not show up you will receive a full refund and a $50 LOQULE credit.

What if the LOQULE is late?
If you can't get in contact with them directly, get in touch with us.

Under what circumstances can I request a refund?
You may request a refund if the LOQULE does not show up to your booked experience.

Are there any extra costs?
If there are any extra costs they'll be outlined by your LOQULE on the experience page.

Do I need to leave a review afterwards?
Yes, it's imperative that both sides leave reviews to help the community by adding a quality layer.

What happens if my experience is cancelled before the event?
You will receive a refund.


How do I know the LOQULE is verified?
All LOQULES on the platform have been hand picked and verified by the team at LOQULES because they offer awesome experiences coupled with a great story.

What if the LOQULE does something illegal?
Let us know immediately, if for any reason you think you are in any danger stop the experience and contact authorities.


Who are the team behind LOQULES?
Jai Al-Attas, Mark Catanzariti and Jonny Nail.

Where is LOQULES based?
LOQULES is based in Sydney, Australia

Why are you doing this?
Back in the early days Jai and Mark started an indie label in high school called Below Par Records, through the label they were able to travel the world and have a great time doing it. Once they sold the label in 2009, travelling was as a tourist only and all of a sudden all these great local experiences started to avoid them. Loqules was built as a platform to connect cool like minded people that want to experience something they normally wouldn't have access to. Lifestyle space made sense as the team Jai, Mark and Jonny are keen on action sports, team sports, drinking & dining, art, video games, pop culture and music.