About Loqules

Loqules was conceived in 2014 when co-founder and CEO Jai Al-Attas was in Osaka, Japan wondering around aimlessly looking for cool punk rock bars with no personal connection to the place. 10 years earlier Jai had no such problem as the co-founder of indie label, Below Par Records, everytime he travelled overseas it was for work and there was a purpose and a built in network of people that worked at labels or management companies overseas that would invite him out to the coolest of local places. Since selling the label though and starting a social media marketing company, travel was as a tourist only and all of a sudden these great local experiences became few and far between.

Loqules was built as a peer to peer marketplace to connect travelers with like minded local experts with great stories to curate amazing experiences; and for Jai to recreate that feeling you get when you’re in a new place doing cool stuff with cool people.

Digging further into it Jai connected with his co-founder in Below Par Records, Mark Catanzariti and mutual friend Jonny Nail as a co-founding team to flesh out the concept and build the platform. The first thing they noticed was that we were now living in the “experience economy”, and with the rise in popularity of Instagram and Snapchat people were sharing their experiences more than ever - but the experiences were even more special if they were doing it with someone of influence.

On the flipside, there are a bunch of really talented, noteworthy people that have created their own communities built around their talents but lacking a simple way to monetize their most valuable asset; their time. In the same way that Ebay allowed people to create businesses by selling their old stuff, Loqules is empowering people to create businesses around being themselves where their assets are their influence, unique skills, knowledge and time.

So Loqules was born! We believe there is a market out there that are not being catered for when they travel and we plan to plug that gap. People will still climb bridges, go direct outlet shopping and be interested in driving by celebrity homes - but those people aren’t who use Loqules.

Our people are the interested ones, the creative ones and the ones that realise that the real value of a great local experience with like minded people is priceless.

Loqules HQ is in Sydney, Australia.

5 quick questions with the Loqules Team

Who's in your team?
Co-founding team are Jai Al-Attas (CEO), Mark Catanzariti (Design), Jonny Nail (Technology).

Why are you tackling this?
We’re excited to build a cool lifestyle brand on top of a technology platform, that gives our Loqule experts a new revenue stream that they’re 100% in control of.

What are you guys interested in?
We’re stoked on the experiences available on Loqules. Between us we love surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, eating, drinking, listening to 90’s punk rock, watching killer TV shows, photography, video games, fantasy sports and doing cool stuff.

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